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The Bible

The Bible – The Basis of Our Curriculum

Life is not an accident. It was planned. God created us. The Bible is the ultimate guide; the Creator’s operating instructions on life and how we should live (if in doubt, read the instructions).


The most important and amazing point in history was when God, in the person of Jesus Christ, came to Earth to show how much He loves the world (it’s a long story).

Jesus’ love was so strong that it resulted in His death. But because He has power over death, He came back to life. God promises His followers that, at the end of the world, He will also give them life that will last forever.

God has given us free choice. When we think about how much He loves us, we are sorry for making the wrong choices, for causing hurt and for being selfish. The Bible calls these things ‘sin’.

When we ask God to forgive us for our sins, we want to start living right. Jesus describes this process as being ‘lost’ and then being ‘found’. The Bible calls it salvation.

When we start following God, He improves the way we live. We now want to look after our health, care for our environment and other people, choose entertainment carefully and treat marriage and family with respect and care. We also want to fellowship with other people who follow God and do what he says.

We believe that the Ten Commandments provide God’s principles for living the best life. We believe we should do everything we can to improve our lives and the lives of others, and do nothing that will cause harm.

These commandments include a special surprise – the Sabbath (Saturday). The Sabbath reminds us of creation. On the Seventh day God rested. It is a special day each week when we stop our normal routine, come together to worship God, and to focus on the spiritual and social parts of our lives.

Throughout history, there has been a cosmic spiritual war raging between good and evil. The Holy Spirit is actively working to help us choose and stay on Jesus’ side, and stay there whatever happens.

God’s side, good, will ultimately win. In fact, Jesus will return to Earth to make everything right. After Satan has helped evil people to destroy this world, another world will follow, one we can be a part of forever. It’s called Heaven, and it will be the greatest world, beyond our imagination.

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