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Parent Testimonies

We are so blessed to have our 3 kids at Tauranga Adventist School. We love the small class sizes and the teachers truly care for each student as an individual. It is clear the staff are encouraged to teach from their strengths and passions which gives the children a well rounded education with opportunities to grow and develop in a range of areas. We love the strong emphasis on the teaching of Biblical principals and the team approach between school and home life. Our kids are not just learning, but thriving at Tauranga Adventist School.

Rebecca La Spina – Mother

When my wife and I were looking around at different schools, what we found to stand out about TAS was the feeling we got as we first walked in and around the school. There was a clear culture of community, care, and Christian values that really stood out. It was also clear that our children felt the same as they were instantly relaxed and eager to explore and know more about the school. Having our second child now start at TAS, we couldn’t be happier that those initial feelings have only been consolidated and developed further. Our children are seen and understood as individuals and not as another number making up the larger group of a school. 

Adam Turner – Father

Adam Turner

We started at Tauranga Adventist school after a long search to find a school that upheld our family values.  Tauranga Adventist school was presented in a time where we had given up on the education system.  We could not be happier with Joanne and her team of fantastic teachers.  My children, who entered after a small stint of homeschooling, are beyond happy and settled in their new school.  Their learning is thriving, they have developed special friendships and they love their teachers.  They are accepted and cherished as individuals.  The special character of the school is our favourite part.  Our children have built a relationship with Jesus that is imbedded in Biblical scripture and truth.  I have since recommended the school to many friends and families who are seeking an academic as well as a Christian based education.  This school has changed our families life.  Choose Tauranga Adventist school if your looking for more then just for a fantastic education, but a community based on core Christian values and a nurturing environment for your child(ren).

 Donna McDonald – Mother

We currently have two children attending the Tauranga Adventist school. They have been there right from year 1, and are currently in years 5 and 7. We have all been incredibly blessed during their time there. The teachers and supporting staff have been extremely helpful, encouraging, and supportive of the learning journey each child is going through. We really cherish the Christian values and principles upheld by the school.  The school provides a great learning environment, and encourages each child to grow and thrive in all aspects of their learning. Tauranga Adventist School is a great little school, and we are delighted to be part of the TAS family.

Graham Hutchins – Father


We made the conscious decision to move our children to Tauranga Adventist School and both our children have flourished.  We love that Christian Biblical values flow through the curriculum and are an extension of our family values.  The teachers and staff are caring and nurturing, and the small classroom sizes mean our children get dedicated support.  They are learning important values such as compassion and respect for themselves and others.  We believe the education and values that our children are getting at Tauranga Adventist School will equip then well for the rest of their education journey and further into adulthood.

Rose Ross – Mother


Tauranga Adventist School has been a amazing school for our family.  We have 2 children currently at the school, our youngest child just started.  We have been a part of the school since 2015 when our older son started.  We have found the school to have such supportive Teachers who have been so amazing and our kids love coming to the school.  I highly recommend it for future students.

Claire Marshall – Mother


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