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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Christian values have always been at the core of Adventist Education. With a strong belief in the importance that such values play on the formation of children’s character and academic development, the Tauranga Adventist School endeavours to provide a balanced Christ-centred education programme for children from Year One through to Year Eight.

Staffed by dedicated Christian teachers who model Christian values to their students, a strong emphasis is placed on students developing healthy relationships with others and God.

It is our belief that only as children come to realise their true value and uniqueness as Children of God, will their full potential be realised in terms of academic and personal excellence.

Values teaching forms an integral part of curriculum delivery throughout each Learning Community. These values will be expressed in everyday actions and interactions within the School.

Integrity – Ngakau Pono
Respect – Manaakitanga
Compassion – Ngakau Aroha
Resilience – Manawaroa
Excellence – Hiranga

Our Vision:
Connected to God, Inspired to Learn and Empowered to Serve.
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