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Funky Hair Day (More photos to come - check back soon)
Athletics Day
Below: New Fitness Circuit: Work Commences
Our Junior students look on with keen anticipation!
At Last, all completed and ready for a test run!
Our Term Theme (Below)

Overview of Theme:

The world is full of so much noise that makes it hard to know what’s right anymore. Passionate people on all sides of the table have countless opportunities to share their beliefs through books, blogs, television shows and church pulpits. All of the loud chatter often leads to confusion. But God has given us a wealth of wisdom in the Bible. We need to rise above the noise and dig into his Word to find answers for this complicated life we are living. Students need to develop the ability to make wise choices based on Biblical principles to help guide them through life. Students will be encouraged to consider “What would Jesus do?” when facing difficult and challenging situations.

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