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World of Maths
Swimming Sports 2016
Athletics Day 2016
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Girls' Cricket
Sand Sculpture: Pilot Bay, April 2016
Spiritual Emphasis Week
Photo of the Week: An unusual winter's morning taken by Mrs Abbott

Our Term Two Special Character theme

We live in a narcistic age where children can grow up with the notion of them feeling  entitled and that the world is there to serve them. The theme this term is aimed at turning this notion on its head as the biblical world view portrays a very different notion. Being generous is a Christian value that strikes at the core of Christian living. We will be reminded that everything we have comes from God. God has blessed us with gifts that we can enjoy and which we can use to help us manage God’s world, bless others in the world, and bless God as well. This term we will be reflecting on the value of generosity and we will be looking at ways to reach out to others in our community by using the gifts Gods has generously given us so we can indeed be a blessing to others.

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