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Term’s Theme

Term 3, 2018 School Theme

Forgiven and Washed Clean… Jesus is the Water of Life.

God reminds us of his forgiveness often through the symbolism of water. Firstly, he sends rain to everyone, regardless of their attitude towards him.

Secondly, Jesus is the Water of Life, freely available for all who will come, regardless of what they have done. Thirdly, by commanding that we are baptised in water, as a symbol of the inner cleansing that he has done. Because Jesus has washed us clean, we should demonstrate a spirit of thankfulness to Him and reflect this spirit to others in our day to day relationships.

We also have a responsibility to choose to have a pure heart and mind which will be shown by the kind of words and actions we speak and do.

Student Outcomes
  • Recognising and accepting that God’s love is revealed by the way he forgives and accepts sinners.
  • Understanding and practising the role of forgiveness in relationships.
  • Personally consider the desire to be baptised one day into the Body of Christ.
  • Making choices to be pure in heart body and actions.
  • Because Jesus has washed us clean, we should show a spirit of thankfulness to Him which should also be demonstrated in our relationships with others.
  • Forgiveness
  • Purity
  • Thankfulness
Life Concepts to Develop
  • Our God is a forgiving God
  • Forgiveness helps us grow
  • Water is a symbol of spiritual cleansing.
  • Jesus is the Water of Life
  • Remembering to be pure in all things
  • Demonstrating a spirit of thankfulness
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