Student Impressions of their school

(Taken from the 2009 Special Character Audit Report)

What do you like about your school?

  • Cool topics we are taught
  • The band
  • Like going out, the excursions and places they go
  • Like the size that is small
  • Teachers are encouraging, give us choices like writing what we will write
  • The environment, feel safe here
  • Opportunities to do things like band
  • know everyone
  • Less movement and moving around


Are you learning? Are your teaches teaching you well?

  • Yes we are learning and teachers are teaching us well. We get choice
  • Remember what we have done, teachers go hard on us, speed test results, can spell anything, not so shy, teachers show us how we are doing and push us to improve, show us where to go, we get rewards


Is this a Christian school? Do you find Jesus here? What does it mean to be in a Christian school?

  • To be close to God and know Him personally
  • Nice to be in a small quiet Christian school - teachers elsewhere didn't care and there was swearing
  • We find Jesus through Bible and the interesting way the teachers share
  • Have Christian values and courtersy
  • Learn how to follow Jesus and grow like Him - get a relationship
  • Prayer
  • Get to know Him more so we can show it to others
  • Teachers talk about Him and show us cool things in the Bible
  • Everybody is a Christian so we don't get teased
  • Spend more time studying the Bible
  • Be kind to others
  • Learn how to be a Christian
  • In honour of God


Do you think the teachers care about you? How do you know?

    • Yes! They are really kind, let's us snuggle and then pushes us away. Helps when we are injured. Want us to learn good things we should know, not that serious, always attends to bad situations. Sorts out issues so we can learn. Can talk privately to sort things out. Aware of our safety. Gives help when we need it. Helps us when we are sick, feeling down. They cheer us up. Take time out to teach us and help us learn. If you are new, assign a buddy.